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Celeste Mauro

              An avid watercolorist for over three decades, I still enjoy the challenge of creating luminous paintings using the traditional water media techniques. I attempt to capture a strong sense of place and a distinct light source in hopes of creating an atmosphere that goes beyond the physical and into the emotional realm.


              I’ve decided to explore new territory and introduced collage into my work. When I work on an acrylic with collage, I alternate the media and ‘layer’ paint over collage…then collage over paint and so on until the piece is complete. The free form shapes of torn paper add a sense of abstraction; the brushwork adds detail and definition. I often disguise the translucent nature of some collage papers with the inherent transparency of watercolor and washes. The process is exhilarating; the outcome can be unpredictable but always interesting.


              Had I not been a watercolorist I could not have appreciated the freedom that collage offers. Had I not introduced collage techniques, my work would not be as unique. I enjoy being able to go from one media to the other, and then back again as each piece is resolved. The best of both worlds: sometimes you can have it all!